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Welcome to TerrainGeek


Hello all,


I wanted to take the time to update you all with some changes to TerrainGeek as a business.

Most of you will be aware that TerrainGeek is a one man show (with the occasional help from an understanding wife), and with that workload can often be an issue. I’m also sure that most of you will realise that TerrainGeek is not a big enough business for me to do it full time; it just doesn’t pay the bills.

2014 is going to be a busy year for me personally. My day job (Yes I unfortunately have one) has become more demanding of my time, and I have also just taken the first steps to change in career direction, and with that a year of study alongside the job. As you can imagine something had to give time wise, and regrettably that has to be TerrainGeek.

Now I have decided not to shut TerrainGeek completely, but I just don't have the time to run a 'shop' and all that goes with that. The time it takes to process orders has just proved too much of late, I have also not been able to release the constant stream of new products that is necessary to feel like I'm doing it properly. The outcome is that TerrainGeek will switch to a commission only scenery business. This will allow me to plan work where I have time, and if I necessary, decline business.

I plan to offer multiple services, ranging from complete scratch builds, to painting of customers own models (terrain only). I can also provide bulk orders of a more basic finish or clubs etc. I will retain the moulds for much of the most popular terrain pieces, they will be available as part of commissions or on request.

As from today all products have been removed from my store and replaced with a list of services. Over the coming weeks the site will change further and will include lots of pictures and examples of work, but much of this is still at the painting stage.

Thank you for taking the time to read this message and for your support over the last three years. A little sad that TerrainGeek cannot continue in its current guise, but also happy to continue under a new format, who knows where that may lead.



Thanks for choosing to visit TerrainGeek - Affordable Commission Terrain for your tabletop.

At TerrainGeek we offer a commission service for hobbyists/wargamers who want to spend time playing games and painting miniatures, rather than building and painiting scenery.


We can offer a wide range of services, and if there is something you don't see on the list below just drop us an email and ask.

  • Scratch built terrain to customers specifications
  • Bulk builds of standard terrain such as Woods and Hills for Wargames Stores and Clubs
  • A painting service for terrain you may have built or bought
  • Display boards or even games tables
  • Choose from our range of resin terrian and it painted to match your table or army.


Price of commission and lead times will be on a project by project basis and relate to time and resource.


Please email for enquires.











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